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Land that Dream Job!

Dream Job is a simple alerts API that scrapes the job listings of your favorite company/companies and sends an sms alert if the job you want becomes available.

It is configurable entirely via environment variables, so it is easily pointed to another site, without needing a deployment, if your dream job is no longer available.

This was also my first side project that was developed by strictly adhering to TDD. Test coverage never dropped below 100%

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Suggestion Box

Suggestion Box is a community-based curation tool for like-minded users to develop meaningful suggestions for various entities. Think corporations, advocacy and activist groups, municipalities, etc.

Users can also restrict their suggestions by location, in order to target a more discerning audience.

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Check Out shURLy

A small Sinatra-based URL shortener that I made and deployed over a weekend. It helped me learn more about RESTful routing and a small bit about how URL shortening actually works.

I had to shut it down due to web hosting issues. There were also security concerns as the usage grew. I didn't want to be enabling bad actors on the 'net.

Source Code

(source here!)
Sorry, I had to disable this for now. Working on web hosting issues.